When you’re decorating for Turkey Day, don’t gobble up all the good design for the grownups. Pass the plate and pass the fills on to the kiddie table.

“You want something to keep them busy while they’re waiting on the food,” says Jawana Wilborn Interior Decorating & Organizing’s owner.

She set a kiddie tablescape that included Crayons and a coloring page placemat. The white linen tablecloth matched her large table, and she added a lace runner and a fall foliage garland.

Entertainment and safety enter equation when you think of decorating for kids.

Candles, for example, are not a good idea.

And you wouldn’t want to use anything “that they could, like, throw at each other,” Wilborn says.

“For a kids’ table, I love the idea of keeping it interesting, probably more pared down and a little simpler, and also textural,” says Minc Interior Design owner Melissa McIntosh.

“You could use a bunch of different pumpkins in different sizes and different shapes. If you wanted to paint them funky colors, that would be cool too — but something that would be OK for them to touch. And then they still feel like they are a part of the grownup table, because it’s still decorated and it looks really pretty.

“I wouldn’t want the kids to feel not as valued,” she says.

Paper plates are an option for the kids. Also, cups with lids will save you some cleanup.

McIntosh suggests trying out new designs on the kiddie table.

“You can experiment on the kids table and let your creativity flow,” she says.



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